Lightcap Fitness Studios

"Semper Libratum" Always Balanced

Lightcap Fitness Studios is a Personal Training Studio that is driven off of balance.  Our movement specialists will assess you through a FMS (Functional Movement Screen) then correct any dysfunctions that were noticed.  Once your moving better and feeling better, we can then load the body and train harder.  

Classes Offered

Fitness Bootcamp

(Schedule Below)

Private Class:  

We offer fitness classes designed to each individual.  Please contact us about class information and how to schedule one.

Instructor:  Diane Baiardi 

Class description:

  • Class begins and ends with foam rolling & stretching so please arrive a little early to join us in an explanation of these techniques.  
  • Class includes cardiovascular exercises along with functional, strength, and interval training.
  • Instructor provides endless modifications allowing class to be appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Class fees:

Everyone's first class is FREE!



4 Class Package:

$60.00  ($15 per class)

8 Class Package:

$105.00 ($13 per class)

Unlimited Bootcamp:

$120.00 ($10 per class)

More Classes to come